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Extending table
Collection Tango
Design By Renato Zamberlan,Joe Doucet
€ 2,785.93
€ 2,785.93
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Product description
Collection Tango
Name of product/article TANGO ESTENSIBILE
Typology Extending table
Designer Renato Zamberlan, Joe Doucet

Tango is an elegant extendable table. Moving around the table, an asymmetrical shape change of the legs makes them look as if they are dancing sinuously.
The extensions are hidden in a box under the integrated plain. These details and the clever use of innovative materials make Tango a functional and universal product design.

Legs: Blanched ash | walnut.
Top: glass | fenix

Bim and Cad
3D Studio MAX
Download BIM/CAD
3D Studio MAX 36
Tango 80x125.3ds
Tango 90x166.max
Tango 100x125.max
Tango 90x125.max
Tango 100x166.max
Tango 100x210.3ds
Tango 90x166.3ds
Tango 80x125.max
Tango 100x166.3ds
Tango 100x125.3ds
Tango 90x125.3ds
Tango 100x210.max
Tango 80x125+40+40.3ds
Tango 90x125+40.3ds
Tango 100x166+50.3ds
Tango 80x125+40+40.max
Tango 90x166+50.max
Tango 90x166+50.3ds
Tango 80x125+40.max
Tango 100x166+50+50.3ds
Tango 90x166+50+50.3ds
Tango 100x125+40+40.max
Tango 90x166+50+50.max
Tango 100x210+50.3ds
Tango 80x125+40.3ds
Tango 100x125+40+40.3ds
Tango 90x125+40+40.3ds
Tango 100x125+40.3ds
Tango 100x166+50+50.max
Tango 100x210+50+50.max
Tango 90x125+40+40.max
Tango 100x166+50.max
Tango 100x210+50+50.3ds
Tango 90x125+40.max
Tango 100x210+50.max
Tango 100x125+40.max
Download BIM/CAD
AutoCAD 24
Tango 100x166
Tango 80x125
Tango 90x166
Tango 90x125
Tango 100x125
Tango 100x210
Tango 80x125+40
Tango 90x166
Tango 90x166+50+50
Tango 90x166+50
Tango 90x125
Tango 80x125+40+40
Tango 100x210+50
Tango 100x125+40
Tango 90x125+40+40
Tango 100x166
Tango 100x125+40+40
Tango 100x125
Tango 90x125+40
Tango 100x210+50+50
Tango 100x166+50+50
Tango 100x210
Tango 80x125
Tango 100x166+50
Download BIM/CAD
Sketchup 2
tango extendable
Download BIM/CAD
Other 24
Tango 100x210.igs
Tango 100x166.igs
Tango 90x125.igs
Tango 100x125.igs
Tango 90x166.igs
Tango 80x125.igs
Tango 80x125.igs
Tango 100x166+50+50.igs
Tango 90x125.igs
Tango 100x210.igs
Tango 90x125+40.igs
Tango 100x125+40.igs
Tango 90x166.igs
Tango 100x166+50.igs
Tango 90x166+50.igs
Tango 100x125+40+40.igs
Tango 80x125+40.igs
Tango 90x125+40+40.igs
Tango 80x125+40+40.igs
Tango 100x210+50+50.igs
Tango 100x125.igs
Tango 100x210+50.igs
Tango 90x166+50+50.igs
Tango 100x166.igs

Tango [en]



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